Bumble and bumble.

Bumble and bumble began as a New York salon in 1977, where they clipped, colored, and styled their way into prominence with a legendary editorial team, strong design ethic, and a line of extraordinary products.

Living proof

Get visibly healthier hair and styles that last. We don’t use heavy silicones or stiff resins—we let other guys use those.  Living proof products use our patent technology that is lightweight, touchable, and repels style-destroying humidity and dirt.


Reuzel is the Dutch word for lard and is a wink to a past when pomades were made from animal fats and fragranced with apples. The word pomade actually comes from the french word “pomme”, meaning apple.


Perfect your cut and show its diversity. From gorgeous shine to big volume. Give strong hold or natural structure – the possibilities are endless.

KMS California

At KMS, our long-standing formula philosophy involves fusing the best of both worlds: technology and nature. This powerful fusion of the latest innovations, technologies and ingredients creates unparalleled product performance in every style.

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