Color Girls: Beauty Blast from the Past

Thomas Dewing, Goldwell color educator and Senior Stylist at Beauty Milwaukee created this collection in October of 2012 to present to a group of hair professionals at a local Milwaukee hotel to teach them about what can be done with Goldwell's color line, knowledge, and creativity.

Using (all but one) employee's from Beauty Milwaukee as models, Thomas illustrated that with imaginative thought, you can completely transform even those that you see daily. He challenged himself to re-imagine those that were consistently in his environment. In this collection, Thomas used geometric shapes and melded them with subtle or bold colors, to best highlight each models best characteristics.

Then, just as much as now, Thomas creates work that is not only on trend, but is also timeless.

Hair by Thomas Dewing

Photos by Tom Miller

Video by Rory Kurtz

Watch video with stylist Thomas Dewing as he presents, and get behind the scenes to watch him at work and hear about what inspires him then. >

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